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2014 Peshawar School Attack

2014 Peshawar School Attack


2014 Peshawar School Attack


In many part of the world, we do see people and nations are fighting with each other.  Since beginning of human kind, we are fighting with each other, sometime it is small quarrel that only take some heated debate or argument and other times it involves fighting as small as between two people or as big as multi nations fighting with each other.  They both claim to fight for justice yet they both label each other on evil side.

Societies have formed rules and regulation to form peaceful nations and within those nations if justice is served they all live in peace otherwise it is chaos.

Long ago, for Pakistan, it was India that was labeled as number one enemy due to Kashmir conflict and many injustice that was done from both side of nations, and then Pakistan got involve with war in Afghanistan when U.S.S.R invade the Afghanistan among with USA and Saudi Arabia.   Folks who were fighting from Afghanistan were labeled as hero and “Mujahid”.

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and USA played a major role in Afghanistan and U.S.S.R war.  Charlie Wilson, member of U.S. House of Representative from Texas was key figure fighting among “Mujahadeen” and against U.S.S.R.   However, when fight was over in 15th Feb 1989, Afghanistan was left alone without much support from anyone.  This was the birth of “Taliban”.


US Congress Man Charlie Wilson with Afghan Mujahid during USSR and Afghan War.


The fight that started on 27th April 1978 as U.S.S.R invasion to Afghanistan changed its name many times but it never ended.   Roles of fight have been changed; those who were once friend are now foe.  We have witness many retaliation and we are still in war now known as “War on Terror”.

Attack on Pakistani military School by Taliban on December 16th 2014 is another retaliation attack ever since Pakistan started operation “zarb e azb” against Taliban. I have no idea how any Muslim can justify this attack?  If Taliban want to have war, they better come face to face against Pakistan Army and let Allah decide who is on the right path.  Killing innocent kids and women who had no defense is no pride of any war.

What will come next could be more worse attack on Taliban from Pakistan Army.  When this war will  end?  Who will set rules and regulation of Shaheed?  Who will serve justices?  We have no correct answer.  We all will find the true side of justice on the day of Judgment when no one will be allowed to talk except who is allowed by Allah.  That day will come soon. Taliban … We will see you there soon.


Pakistan Army


How to unzip *.bz2 files

On unix (and sometime on windows), you will run across files that are zipped with bz2 file extension.  Following are some command on how to zip and unzip files using bzip2 tool.

To unzip *.bz2 files, type following on unix machine.

> /usr/bin/bunzip2 myfile.bz2

Where myfile is the file name you want to unzip with bunzip2 tool.





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